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Don't repeat rule e.g. keep increasing (or decreasing) bidding forever!

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If I set up an automated rule e.g. "look at last 30 days and increase bids by 10% if ROI is positive" and run it every day how do I stop it repeating? What I want is to NOT run the rule if that rule has made a change within x days. Because if I keep running the rule then I will increase by 10% every day which is not what I want (even if I set a max CPC).

Is there a variable to include the actions of the rule itself (or any other changes)? Or any other options to prevent repeating rules?

Many thanks

Re: Don't repeat rule e.g. keep increasing (or decreasing) bidding forever!

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Setting up automated rules in AdWords is pretty limited in flexibility. You could set up a script if you want a smarter rule.


You are telling AdWords to look back at the 30 day average every day and bid up 10%. But you only want to to bid up 10% once a month. One day won't change a month's average unless it was an extraordinary outlier, in that case, you have a seperate problem. Why not set the script to run monthly, and look back at a months data? Or every weekly, and look back at a weeks data. Set an opposite rule that decreases bits 10%, or however much, when ROI is negative.


Make sure to have the rule email you every time it makes a change for the first few times it runs, so you can be sure it is working properly. Also, set a max bid to a bid that you see no reason for any Keyword to reach.