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Does the phone extension affect bidding price

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Is there a fee for the phone extension in google adwords, there seems to be a difference in cost when you use the same add with and without the phone extension.


coz it seems that after using the phone extension my price per click went up.

Re: Does the phone extension affect bidding price

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Previously google used to charge $1 for manual dialing of google forwarding number. Now its free. Also when somebody clicks on the numbers you only pay what you will pay for the click.

So this is my answer, google doesn't charges to display call extensions separately.
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Re: Does the phone extension affect bidding price

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Hello Nancy B ! Welcome to the Community,


As we can read from this help center article : link    , "When a customer clicks the phone number on a mobile device that's capable of making a phone call, you'll be charged the same as for a standard click on the ad. "


It also says

"Free calls with Google forwarding phone numbers: With legacy call extensions, calls to the Google forwarding phone numbers shown on desktop and tablet devices are charged a minimum of $1.00 (or similar local currency amount). With upgraded call extensions, these calls are free."


Also from this article : link , you can find out the charges for using forwarding numbers ( no charge or standard ad click )


My questions would be  


1) Do you have upgraded call extensions ?

2) If you say that the price per click increased, can you compare exactly how much it was before you used call extensions ? You can do this by setting a custom time range

3) Do you use a forwarding number ?


Please note that forum members do not have access to your account, this is why I have to ask these questions.