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Does anyone have any more tips on how to manage large PPC campaigns?

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Hi there,


I have recently written a blog post on 'How to Manage Large Ecommerce AdWords Campaigns'.


I would love to see if there are any other tips that can make large accounts easy to manage.


Please feel free to leave a comment on my post if you have any:

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Re: AdWords tips on external websites / blogs

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Hello Koozai_Ollie; welcome to AdWords official Community;

You'll find many tips in the wiki articles section of the Community ,

Due to the wide exposure of our Community, we prefer to post our tips here, so they are easily accessible (in one dedicated searchable site) to AdWords advertisers, globally. Of course, you are most welcome to quote us (with and appropriate credit Smiley Happy) on your blog.


Hmm...I just looked at your website (helping you with getting some  traffic,,,,   Smiley Happy)... What about Kooazi starting to participate in our community discussions?







Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: AdWords tips on external websites / blogs

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+1 Moshe Smiley Happy
Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Does anyone have any more tips on how to manage large PPC campaigns?

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Does your business have multiple local brick and mortar businesses? If so, then implementing local business listings will be helpful. If you have many campaigns, and even separate accounts for each local business,you can use AdWords Editor to make bulk changes. 


Also you can use Adwords Labels to organize your campaigns, adgroups, keywords etc. These labels will help you to sort/compare data in organized manner.


BTW you have mentioned nice details regarding automated rules and eCPC in your post. 


Useful resource:

Re: Does anyone have any more tips on how to manage large PPC campaigns?

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Hello & Welcome To Our Community,


I would like to share to you my experience. A year ago, I was handling AdWords accounts of advertisers from South East Asia. I was used to one on one campaign analysis, set up & optimization. Recently, I joined a local yellow pages company and was assigned to manage multiple accounts.


My first campaign was the website of yellow pages itself. The campaign has been running for a year already & now it is under my supervision. I am the type of analyst who works both ways. Understanding the positive & negative side of the campaign.


Starting from scratch is arguably far better than restructing an existing one.


We have Eight Major Channels which correspond to eight running campaigns. And each campaign having at least 30 ad groups. Hundreds of keywords per ad group. The CTR was less than 1%. Irrelevant, less likely to impress keywords are costing us negatively , when you add up all together, and do not convert at all. The cost per click is expensive and the bounce rate is extremely high.


Here are the challenges I encountered:

1.Challenge: Redundancy in Ad Group Categorization.

   Solution:    Merged Industries of the Same Kind




Dental Clinic Vs. Dentist

Travel Agency Vs Tour Operators


2.Challenge: Redundancy in Keyword Level.

SolutionSmiley Very Happyeleted Duplicate Non Performing Keywords


 Each ad group is sharing the same keywords on their list. This will cause unnecessary  competition which produced  unprofitable clicks & negatively affects our ROI.


3.Challenge: Irrelevant automatic placements found in Display Network Tab

SolutionSmiley Very Happyownloaded Automatic Placement Report, Analyzed Click Through Rate & Cost of Ads on Display Network


 Follow Up:

 Exclude irrelevant websites that place our ads on International Market since most of our advertisers are local except for  some industries that cater international clients like ( Visa Processing & International Tours, BPO,IT Solutions)


4.Challenge: Bulk amount of keywords that has a very high impression but very rare to be clicked.

Assuming you have 1000 keywords, but only three are giving you clicks and the rest of 997 are giving you 100 impressions with no clicks.


If you do the Math, 997 X 1000 = 997, 000 impressions but none directed to our website.

                  This may only work for well known brands whose marketing goal is only RETENTION


It is important that the customer who will click on the ad, will be satisfied on the page where he is landed. No matter how well written the ads are or how captivating the banners are, no matter if you ranked high, if the need or demand is not satisfied, we consider it unprofitable on our end.


If one of the keywords is car for sale and the customer landed on rent a car directory then this is misleading. In order to give user a unique experience, I need to eliminate multiple keywords that does not reflect what the ad’s promise. We are being penalized by a larger cost per click for a low relevancy result.


In reality, it all boils down to:


Time Management

Campaign Management

Communication With Your Client


And lastly,applying the best practices I learned from AdWords definitely make things happen for our AdWords Campaign.



More Power,





More Power,

Re: AdWords tips on external websites / blogs

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+1 Moshe
Regards, Nik
LinkedIn  |   @nikhilparachure | My Blog

Re: AdWords tips on external websites / blogs

Google Employee
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Google Employee
Hello Koozai, great article.
We would be very happy to submit your future articles to our editorial committee for possible inclusion here, in the AdWords Community site if this was of interest to you.
Let us know,
Yes, I work at Google. I want all AdWords Advertisers to be happy and prosperous

Re: AdWords tips on external websites / blogs

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Some things you may want to explore are using the Adwords Editor to create targeted Campaigns / Ad Groups / Product Listing Ads.

One of the things many ecommerce sites don't do is put their product price in the headline. When you have tens of thousands of products, it's extremely hard. However, using excel VLOOKUP's, you can easily automate the process.

There's more to it than that (we have a number of clients and processes related to this), but it's a start...