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Do you have any examples of authors who use Adwords

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Do you have any authors who use AdWords?

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Re: Do you have any examples of authors who use Adwords

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Hi Bryce, I don't have any specific examples, but we have seen authors asking questions here before (and on writing specific forums) so I can give you some general advice.


Promoting one or more books via AdWords - or anything artistic - is really quite different from promoting a product or service such as shoes or laptops;  it's relatively easy to target people who are looking for such products because they tend to use predictable search patterns and are searching for specific products.  When you look at a work of art, it's much harder to know who to target and how best to approach that targeting.  For example, if your book is in the crime fiction genre you could possibly target Keywords like "crime fiction", but as I'm sure you appreciate there's a very wide range of authors and an equally wide range of styles and personal preferences.  I quite like David James but I'm not so fond of Ian McKellan.


The difference between products and art is important because it usually informs how you approach your marketing and what you're likely to measure as "success".  If you sell laptops, your approach will be one of "direct response", i.e. you want to sell laptops and your measurement of success will be a net profit (a positive Return on Investment (ROI)) where what you spend on advertising is exceeded by the profit on sales.  When promoting books, working on a profit basis could be very difficult with the sort of narrow margins involved so you're much more likely to want to approach the marketing from the point of view of "brand awareness", that is, you're probably going to want to promote the book - and yourself - with the hope of raising its profile rather than specifically to try and earn more from sales than you spend.  (Of course, it would be nice if you could achieve a positive return but in my experience that's going to be very tough).


So, how would your advertising differ when promoting for brand purposes?  Firstly, brand promotions tend to be measured in terms of their exposure (usually expressed in terms of Ad Impressions) rather than their clicks.  Brand awareness is all about showing your Ad - usually an image or video Ad - to as many people as possible so that the name works its way into their minds.


You might find the following help reference a good place to start:


Please come back with more questions if you have them.



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