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Do we implement complete 100% pixel?

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Do we implement complete 100% pixel?


How will an ad run when you select keywords and placements in an adgroup?Explain?

Re: Do we implement complete 100% pixel?

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Hi Shamili,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


I'm not sure I understand your question about pixels - are you you attempting to set up AdWords Conversion Tracking or are you trying to set up AdWords Remarketing?


To set up AdWords Conversion Tracking, you'll have to have your webmaster, or you, copy and paste the AdWords Conversion Code from your AdWords Account to your confirmation page.


Setup AdWords Conversion Tracking

Check AdWords Conversion Tracking


To set up AdWords Remarketing Tags, you'll have to your webmaster, or you, copy and paste the AdWords Remarketing Code from your AdWords Account on select pages of your site.  Most of the time advertisers elect to paste the Remarketing Tag on all pages of their site.


How AdWords Remarketing Works

Add the Remarketing Tag to your Site and/or Mobile App


In regards to your second question, if you're running on the Search Network, when your Keywords are searched on by searchers, if your Max CPCs and Quality Scores are high enough, and if your Ad is approved, you'll appear on the first page of the Google Search Results.  You'll only pay when searchers click on your Ad.


If you're running on the Google Display Network, when visitors visit certain web pages, or Placements, your approved Ads are eligible to appear.


How AdWords Works - Keywords & Placements


Because it sounds like you're new to AdWords, I suggest you take the time to really learn and research all about AdWords and the platform prior to launching your Campaign.  Often times advertisers can waste money on unprofitable Clicks when they launch AdWords without taking the time to fully understand how AdWords works.  To learn about AdWords, here are 5 free resources that Advertisers can access from their computer –


  1. Growing your business with AdWords (aka AdWords for Beginner’s Guide) – Simple, yet thorough explanation of the AdWords platform and how to set up an Account.  I particularly like this resource because it’s linear and gives you examples and tips.
  2. AdWords Help Center – All you ever needed to know about AdWords in one place with great on-site search functionality.  Recommended: Set up your account and start advertising
  3. AdWords YouTube Channel – If you prefer watching videos vs. reading, this is the place for you.
  4. AdWords Community - Yes, you’re already here, but besides posting questions, take time to review questions that advertisers have previously asked, and their solutions.
  5. AdWords Step by Step - Another simple, easy to understand walkthrough on the basics of setting up an AdWords Account.