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Do the new Responsive Ads take away from image ad display opportunity

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I value the display of my fully customized image ads over the display of the Google-Formatted Responsive ads. I usually have 2 AdGroups in my Display Campaigns. 1 for Image ads and 1 for test ads. I have the text ad option to fill any inventory that I missed with image ads.


I already risk having the ugly text ads take the place of my custom image ads, will this become a further problem with responsive?

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Accepted by topic author Christopher H
August 2016

Re: Do the new Responsive Ads take away from image ad display opportunity

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 Hi Christopher,


I am not sure how much the inventory would be available to the Responsive Ads in comparison to custom and display Ads.

But the main USP of Responsive Ads is that they can automatically change their size, appearance and format to fit any available ad space. So, It may happen that your ads are appear without any image some times(More Ugliness in your case Smiley Happy ). Also you would be able to access the native ad inventory through these Responsive Ads.

So, while ugliness of the ads is more of a perception thing but logically I think that CTR would be much better in the responsive ads because of aforementioned features Smiley Happy