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Do new ads in a campaign use target ROAS?

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Hey guys,


Yet another question from me. So I have a display campaign running for quite some time. Bidding strategy is Target ROAS. I am thinking of adding some new image ads to the same campaign. When I add the new ads, are they also gonna make use of the target ROAS? Or do they also need to get enough data before that starts?


And one more thing which came to my mind while writing the above, I add it here so I dont open yet another discussion. I know how it is about trademarketed terms in the text ads. But what about image ads? If I use somebody elses logo and name? For example, I am advertising a software, lets say Skype. And my image add says download now and has a logo of Skype? Is that okay?


Thanks again guys!


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September 2015

Re: Do new ads in a campaign use target ROAS?

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Hi Petya,
With flexible bidding strategies, you can be flexible with campaigns OR adgroups (or even keywords). If your campaign and adgroups are using ROAS bidding, adding a new ad will just put that into the mix. So yes, it will remain ROAS bidding.

As for the TM question, Google's rules are to protect the trademark holder. Not for no reason at all Smiley Happy You can NOT use a restricted trademark in your image ads.