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Display targeting issue

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Hi There,


I am little confuse, please help me out.


Here is the situation.


I am running a display campaign for one of my upcoming event. I have a very specific audience in country. I have created this display campaign with 2 ad-groups. One ad-group is pointing to topic targeting. And the second is keyword targeting(contextual targeting). I have used "Target and Bid" option in both of the Ad -group.


Now the problem is the first ad-group is doing good and producing impression and result(It's a two day old ad-group) on the contrary the second ad-group is showing no result not even a single impression.(It's been 6 hours since I created this ad-group) .


I guess there is nothing to with the bidding option as they are in different ad-groups, Am I right? but what could be the problem then?



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Re: Display targeting issue

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Top Contributor

Hi SuryaKant,


Can you provide some more information?  What is the geographic target of your Campaign?


You say you're using "Target and Bid" on both, but are both Ad Groups only using one form of target?  i.e. the one Group is only targeting Topics and the other is only targeting Keywords?


Six hours actually isn't that long.  AdWords data is always delayed and the delay can vary.  I rarely trust any figures less than 24 hours old so you may simply want to wait until tomorrow to look at the data.



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Re: Display targeting issue

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Yes, the one group is targeting keywords and the other is pointing to topic related to health or medical issue as the event is for doctors.

yeah Six hour is not that long but at least it should have shown some results. I don't know if I have done something wrong with the setting, but everything seems fine. The bids are same in the both ad-groups, ad-copies is different and approved(as it should be) . May be your are right I should wait for some more time.

the bid option is fine, what you say Jon?

Re: Display targeting issue

Google Employee
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Google Employee
I agree that 6 hours isn't necessarily enough.

Which one is the ad group that isn't serving? The one with topic targeting or the one with keyword contextual targeting?

Have you ever built a Keyword Contextual Targeting campaign before? Are you sure you built it right? What kind of keywords are your targeting? Maybe sharing a screenshot might help us see what you're looking at.

Re: Display targeting issue

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Hi Suryakant,

I agree with Jon & Maxime here. 6 Hours is too short a period to judge the performance of a 'Keyword Contextual' targeted adgroup. Although, you may want to keep an eye on your ad copies and keywords as your themes are related to the medical field and it could be that your adgroup has gone under manual review and this is why your ads are not recording any data. In this case, you need to either 'Request and exception' for all the ad copies that have been disapproved or not yet approved or reach out to a Google rep to see what exactly is causing the delay in the delivery of the adgroup.

The only other explanation is as Jon & Maxime said, AdWords tends to take upto 48 hours to populate data in your campaigns. I would suggest you look at the campaign level data first to see the total data recorded and then check if your 'Topic' based adgroup is the only one contributing to it. This will basically tell you if AdWords has not been able to attribute data to the 'Keyword Contextual' adgroup yet because of delay. This is just a suggestion based on my observation and may not even hold true in your case but there is no harm in trying it out.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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