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Display ad not appearing on managed placements

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Dear Webmaster


We have started a Image Campaign on Certain Display Placement! Its been more than a week that our ads has been approved but we have not got a single Impression till now.


We have raised the Bid Thrice the CPM to Rs.500, & Daily Budget to Rs.5000, Even Google Support team is unable to provide the proper answer for the same


Note: We have targeted only 1 Placement where we wanted our ads to appear


Any suggestions to get Impression running on the Ads


Image Screen Shots Attached


Re: Display ad not appearing on managed placements

Community Manager
# 2
Community Manager
Hi there,

Few things:
(1) Ensure you have image ads in all sizes and even a text ad in the ad group. If you're just aiming for one placement, you want to provide ads in all sizes, since the publisher will decide what size//type ad they'll show on their site.
(2) If this ad group is in a campaign that's getting impressions in other ad groups. The budget could be cannibalized by those other ad groups, so you may want to consider moving this one out.
(3) In showing display ads, we also have to consider the publisher's interest. Obviously, they only want to show high-quality ads on their site. If an ad group is new, we don't really know if it's "high-quality" yet, so you may want to consider showing on other managed or using automatic placements, just so the ad can get some impressions and hopefully have a good CTR. An ad with a good quality score and high bid is more likely to show on a given placement than an ad with a high bid and where the quality of the ad is untested.

Hope that helps!