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Display Network Problem

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In my Display Network I have an Approved Image Ad

the problem is on keyword tab I have the following message:

Showing ads right now?
Your keyword matches very few pages on the Display Network.
but on Placement I have the following:
Showing ads right now?
This ad has been disabled from serving.

What causing this problems? What can I do?

Re: Display Network Problem

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Hi Moga


Since the ad hasn't received impressions and you are still able to see placements in Display network tab- Placements, probably you have made contextual targeting with keywords and placements together. The bubble shows that in this placements there aren't many pages to show your ad. 


Try to target this placement seperately if you want it, and try to use less long tail keywords ( if you have) and more tightly themed. This has happened to me in the past, i tried to target 2 placements only that didn't have much traffic and my ad didn't run at all. 


Also, try to increse your max CPC bid and if this doesn't help, try to create a new campaign from scratch with these tips above.