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Display Network Ad Cost

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Please anyone shre me where I can find Display Network 1st position Ad Cost and How I get first position for my image ads.



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Hello onlinesandeep,   You won't be able to get a set 1st...

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Hello onlinesandeep,


You won't be able to get a set 1st position estimate bid for the Display Network as each automatic placement will be different and if Google released this information everyone would be automatically bidding for the first position or more to secure it. It's important to remember that ad position is not based on bid alone but also the quality score within your campaign / ad group. 


I would recommend checking out the Contextual Targeting Tool though as this can give you an indication of a suggested starting CPC bid. If you login to your account, click the Tools and Analysis tab and next select Contextual Targeting Tool. Simply add the keywords you plan to be using within your ad group, hit Search and then review the Suggested Bid alongside the selected keywords in the right hand column.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Hi onlinesandeep,   In addition to what Scott said, I wou...

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Hi onlinesandeep,


In addition to what Scott said, I would like to add that image ads are generally more costly when compared to normal text ads over Google Display Network. Reason being the size of the image ads, it takes almost majority of the space inside that block when compared to normal text ad. So in order to win the ad auction, you have to bid higher for these ads.


Just a thought!


In Perry Marshall's book he said image ads would be cheap...

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In Perry Marshall's book he said image ads would be cheaper, but I haven't found this at all.

Re: In Perry Marshall's book he said image ads would be cheap...

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Hi TatM,


There is a very huge natural variation in this regard and the scenario is also evolving rapidly therefore you should check on when Perry wrote that particular book. (He wrote a lot.) As a rule of thumb we typically set the initial display bid to the same value the search bid is set to. Unless, of course, we have some good reason to believe that it will not work. One such good reason may be the Suggested Bid mentioned above.




Re: Display Network Ad Cost

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Hi Sandeep,


Rather than simply thinking of mathcing the top position bid you should look to capture larger Impression Share for display network. So if you see your display network impression share is <10% then you should look to raise your bids and acquire larger share in the display network market.


Another vital stat for display network is Relative CTR. If you relative CTR value is less than 1% then you should look to improve that by imporving your ads & also improving your bids to some extent.


Once you have a higher level of impressions share and a relative CTR of more than 1% for your display adgorups I am sure you will see significatn improvements in your campaign, regardless of the weather your ads aquire first position or not.