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Different currencies in remarketing tag

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I'm setting up the dynamic remarketing tags but I have a problem which is that users can pay in different currencies in my platform. How can I introduce the right value into the customer parameters if I can't convert all the prices to €? There's no way to let Google know which currency is each user using, right?



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Different currencies in remarketing tag

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use only one, single, currency (tag) per landing-page.

the landing-page must be identical, for all users,
regardless of any user-specific detail such as
location, browser, user-agent, ip-address, etc.

to stay within the rules and policies, typical implementations include using
url-parameters with server-side-scripts and server-side-scripting-language, or
separate directories/folders -- for each supported currency country/language;

or some combination of these, or sometimes separate top-level country-domains.

generally, automatically converting currency or changing the landing-page,
in any way, based on user-specific information such as location, browser,
user-agent, ip-address, etc., is a policy violation.


Different currencies in remarketing tag

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Thanks but I don't quite get it...


So I have these two rooms (sold in different currencies):


If I just set "hrental_totalvalue: value", being value the price of the room, I will get two values in different currencies (which I can't convert). How is Google going to know which currency is using each one? How would you fix this?

Different currencies in remarketing tag

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first, you're welcome.

hotel_totalvalue does not use a currency and the
hotel_totalvalue should never configure a currency.

in the examples, the values should simply be 1250 and 993, respectively.

be certain that the landing-page (currency and price) does
not change, dynamically, based on any user-specific detail,
and is identical for all users landing on the page.

importantly perhaps, hotel_totalvalue is only for
hotel-sites that use hotel-price-ad (hpa) feeds --
and are only for the google-hotel-ads-program.

for travel websites that are selling hotel/rentals, using a feed configured
in the ad-account's business-data-shared-library, for dynamic-remarketing,
hrental_totalvalue should be used -- and also does not use any currency.

hrental_totalvalue and hotel_totalvalue and all the corresponding
hrental_ and hotel_ parameters are for completely different and

separate programs and should never be used interchangeably.

see also