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Different Match Type with Equal Bid in a Adgroup

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is it okay to use & bid equal on different match keywords in a new adgroup? if we don;t know which one is more profitable.

I means, not higher for eaxct and then phrase and then broad and they will not compete with each other as Adwords select keywords in below preference

  1. the most relevant and then
  2. prefer most restrictive match ( exact over phrase & so on)
  3. calculate adrank
  4. with few exception as explained here -


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September 2015

Re: Different Match Type with Equal Bid in a Adgroup

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Hi Anil,


I think this a good starting point. Set the adgroup live with keywords of different match types with the same bids and let the data advise your bidding behaviour, once you've let them run for a while. This way you can see what is working well for you and what's not and base your decisions on this, rather than making assumptions or guessing. Just be sure to give them a chance to gather enough data before making any decisions.


Best of luck.

Re: Different Match Type with Equal Bid in a Adgroup

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@Anil_Singh ;

You are correct; As Rob said,  just make sure that you have enough data before you make decisions about performances.

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