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Detecting Search terms not containing specific word with Script?

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Hi everyone,


I saw there is the possibility to use a script to add negative keywords from search term reports based on various KPIs. I was wondering if the same could be done using the term it self when not containing a specific term


In a DSA campaign to add as negative keywords (on campaign or adgroup level) all the search terms non including "nike air".
Thanks for reading!


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Re: Detecting Search terms not containing specific word with Script?

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Hi @Aless__ it should be possible to do that with a script; you could use the script you mentioned as the framework for retrieving the search terms, then instead of testing them against a KPI, instead test them for the presence of your words.  So, to use your example, if you had a particular search term you were examining, whose text was stored in a variable called theTerm, you might use this test:

if(theTerm.indexOf("nike") == -1 || theTerm.indexOf("air") == -1) {
  // here's where you'd add this search term to the negatives
  Logger.log("Not found");

The .indexOf method searches a (string) variable for the term in brackets and returns it's position in the string, or -1 if not found.






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