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Demographics - reliable?

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Hi Everyone,


I am just starting out.  


My campain targets ads to parents of local youth soccer players.  The campagin settings exclude lots of segments: [Excluded Age: 18-24, 25-34, 55-64, 65+].  Do folks think the demographic data that Google uses to target ads is reliable? I wonder if I am loosing impressions and clicks with such strict demographic settings.  


When I have more money, I'll expand my AdWords budget and add an Ad Group with a different demographic profile, that is with few(er) exclusions.  But, I'll wait until I have more money.  Then, I'll compare results.  


(I have very narrow location settings because I am training local kids.)


Thanks, Chris  

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Re: Demographics - reliable?

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Honestly? No, I haven't seen anyone able to target successfully so specifically. Facebook has better demographic data but AdWords doesn't pull it's data from such strict reliable (controlled) sources. 


It's making inroads with G+ but it will be a while before it's better. 


That's not to say that it might not work for you. You might be able to make something work with demographic bidding and managed placements. 

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Re: Demographics vs. Contextual targeting

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Hello chris2004x ; Welcome to AdWords community;

After yesterday's Euro 2012  match between Spain and Italy, a  soccer question  is a great post, ...Smiley Wink


On demographic targeting  (my personal opinion): we are weaker than Facebook; Smiley Embarassed On all other fronts -  we strike Facebook tenfold


Google's demographic statistics are based on various of parameters:  some provided  by the user, some collected by Google (All under Google's privacy policy the user agreed to, and can opt out!). However; these statistics are not as solid and coherent as  in Facebook.


I would recommend to use contextual targeting (using keywords such as : soccer, soccer league, Mondial 2014, Rio 2014, FIFA World cup 2014...., ) AND placements (i.e. Soccer pages on sports websites)  to  target  relevant users.  


Read more:




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Re: Demographics vs. Contextual targeting

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Thanks Guys.  I'll have to think about making changes and I'll have to read the items Moshe offers.  [Thank you.]


I must begin experimenting with placements.  Players and coaches will visit specific sites and view all kinds of content (like this one Smiley Happy) but targeting relevant placements that parents are viewing will require some work.  When parents are thinking of soccer for their kids, they go seeking options. So, the seach network is a perfect service for me.  The display network will require some work.  (Rhetorically: Where should I begin?)


As for Euro 2012, I can finally get back to work!  What a lovely tournament -- it made my summer really great.  I am so impressed with Spain -- THANK YOU SPAN for sharing your minds and skills with the futbol world.