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DSA : question about urls

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to have to know more about the targeting in DSA.

I know that the best practise is to segment DSA campaign into adgroups, adgroups that will be similar to the categories into the website of the client.

How is working the targeting in url?
If a website is structured as follow : 

Homepage, Cat A (sub cat AA, AB, AC...), Cat B (subcat BA, BB, BC)

And url are like : (for cat A), (for subcategorie AA)

Will google go and explore subcategories if I only specify the url or will Google only look to this page (I assume it will explore the subcategories).


if the website is not well structured like this : (the subcategorie) (the subcategorie)

Will Google understand that these subcategories are related to the primary categories and include them in the DSA or is it "dead" because subcategories must be closely related as on the previous sample?

Hope that I had been clear

best and sunny regards

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Re: DSA : question about urls

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Hello @AdOnline,


For your first example, the answer is Yes. If you ask AdWords to target, it will target every URL that meets this structure whether they are subcategories or generic pages. Suppose you have a page URL something like - or, your DSA campaign will target all such pages until you specifically exclude them. 


To your second question - how well Google understands your website's structure for DSA campaign depends a lot on your website's organic indexing. If Google already knows your website structure well, it will give you a list of pre-populated categories to target, if it does not, it won't. 


In short, consider it like conditional logics that you may give to codes in your program. They will do everything that you ask and fall in your specific conditions given. There's no human logic involved here. So, play safe while setting up your conditions. Don't forget to make use of exclusions to fine tune your targets well. 


All the best!


Ratan Jha


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