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DKI & Keword QS

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I have a adgroup in which i created a ad using DKI, In that i have keyword "red shoes" best red shoes" and "shop for red shores". but in ad i have only mentioned  "red shoes" using keyword insetion


Now for two another keywords ( best red shoes, shop for red shoes ) user searched for these keywords also. what will be my QS, Will Google Speech bubble say ad relevancy for those two keyword : below average 


Or it would not show below average

Re: DKI & Keword QS

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For starters, the default text you insert in the keyword insertion code shows only when a keyword can't be dynamically inserted in your ad, specially when the keyword would make your ad text exceed the character limit. Other than that the code will be replaced with the keyword that triggered the ad.

I can see that all of the keywords in your ad group are directly related to each other, about one specific theme, about only red shoes; and this is the key to have tightly themed ad group.
You have picked the right keyword "red shoes" (the root keyword of your ad group) to be your default text in order to show when a keyword can't be dynamically inserted in your ad.

Back to your question, simply the real impact here is CTR. CTR is the predominant factor in determining quality score, AND generally DKI is very helpful in raising CTR and subsequently quality score, since DKI generates ads very relevant to the user's search query.

Just always make sure that all of your keywords in your ad group are closely related and fit well in each ad that contains the snippet of code.Otherwise, your ad could appear confusing or irrelevant to potential customers if there are some keywords that wouldn't work well with keyword insertion.

So, If your keyword insertion ads are well-written and separated into well-organized ad groups, they'll be more relevant to potential customers and more likely to get you clicks. This also means that keyword insertion might help improve the Quality Score for your ads and keywords over time through improved clickthrough rates (CTRs) and overall performance.