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DKI although low search volume

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A strange happened today.

A client sends me a SMS with a picture showing his ad. He is very happy because the ad contains a very specific city name and he wonders how I got that name in the ad at that search query.

The query actually doesn´t include city name, but only a much broader word, let´s say dentist.

But the query was made when my client was positioned in that city.


I also thought it sounded almost too good to be true, but I saw the image and had to check it up.


The account only contains 1 campaign, which targets a wider geo area in which Small City is included.

It contains 1 ad group which includes keywords such as +dentist +smallcity. And in this ad group I use Keyword Insertion, thus inserting Smallcity name in ad.

It also contains 1 ad group with keyword [dentist] and 1 ad group with keyword "dentist".


Keyword in ad group with modified broad match are all "low search volume" and have 0 impressions.

But the ad contained the Small city name!

And remember - the query didn´t contain the smallcity name!

How did that happen?  

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Re: DKI although low search volume

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Hi David,


Did you try to reproduce this behavior with the Ad Preview tool?


"+dentist +smallcity" shows no impressions?




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Re: DKI although low search volume

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Is location extension enabled?

Did he see the ad on mobile or desktop?

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Re: DKI although low search volume

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I'm not quite sure I understand your question. Are you saying that there's no DKI ad in the Ad Group where the keyword-smallcity ad appeared?


(The "low search volume" tag isn't significant--Google often tests serving for low-volume search queries, to see if there's enough traffic to merit adding those to the AdWords database.)


You say there's no impression data in the Ad Group where the modified broad match keyword is--could it be that it hasn't been long enough (24-48 hours) for all of the data to be posted?


With modified broad match, there's the possibility of the same kind of "session-based" matching that we see with normal broad match. That could be where the smallcity name came from.

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Re: DKI although low search volume

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I believe I found the answer to the mystery. A piece of ad text which shouldn´t be where it were, luckily was there at the moment when it should (i.e. a small mistake had a very fortunate outcome). A LOT of chance played a role here.


Thanks for taking time!