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Customizing an extension for mobile devices

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I have now enhanced one of my compaigns that is differently optimized for mobile and PC devices. I have also upgraded my ad extensions (I plan to have sitelinks extensions for PC users and call extensions for Mobile users). 

However when I tried to customize my call extension for mobile devices, I could not find such option. Here is the tutorial that I've found on Google Adwords Help:


You can change how an existing sitelink or call extension works on mobile. Here's how to customise an existing extension for mobile devices:

  1. Choose the enhanced campaign that has the extension that you'd like to edit.
  2. Click the Ad extensions tab.
  3. On the View drop-down menu, choose the type of extension that you'd like to edit.
  4. From the drop-down menu next to View, choose Upgraded.
  5. Go to the [Extension] settings section and click Edit.
  6. You'll see a list of all the extensions in this campaign.
  7. Hover your mouse cursor over the extension that you want to customise. Click the down arrow that appears next to the pencil icon and choose Copy and edit. This creates a copy of the extension.
  8. In the form that appears, choose Mobile next to device preference.
  9. Change the extension, as needed, to optimise for mobile.
  10. Click Save.

Now all is fine just until the 8th step where I should choose Mobile next to mobile preference. The problem is that when I click Copy and Edit I do indeed get a form however the only three options I have there is a) to change my phone number and the location b) show the following links: both the website and the phone number or just the phone number c) start/end dates and scheduling. 


This "device preference" option is nowhere to be seen.

Interestingly when I tried to do the same for my site link extensions, the device preference was at present...


Have you tried to do the same by any chance and maybe you could explain me where could I find an option to customize my call extensions so that they could be shown on mobile phones?


Thank you!

Re: Customizing an extension for mobile devices

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