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Creating/Using Negative Lists with 5k+ Keywords

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Hello World!

My first post here. Smiley Happy


I know about the limitation of 5k keywords per list.

Recently I started working on account that has few lists with cca 9k words /lists are used on DSA campaigns.

Also, when creating a new list, AdWords allows me to insert more than 5k words.


So, I'm curious about how AdWords sees/uses these lists. Are only first 5k words in use, or this trick works completely?

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Re: Creating/Using Negative Lists with 5k+ Keywords

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Hi @Nemanja B I would imagine that the lists are truncated and only the first 5k are used, but I'll try and find a definite answer.


I have to say that 5k lists are extraordinarily large and list sizes like this would normally indicate a poorly structured Campaign.  It's difficult to imagine a situation where you would need to exclude more than five thousand words from search queries, perhaps especially with Dynamic Search Ads where the whole idea is that the Ads are shown on relevant queries based upon your site content.



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Re: Creating/Using Negative Lists with 5k+ Keywords

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Hi Nemanja,
The limit to 5k keywords applies to Negative Keyword lists.

The AdWords account structure has 3 levels: campaigns, ad groups, and ads. You can have up to 20,000 ad groups in a campaign and up to 10,000 campaigns in an AdWords account. Each account may have a total of 5,000,000 keywords, sites, audiences, and topics.

I hope this helps!