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Creating One Display Ad That Automatically Resizes and Formats?

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Is there a way to create one generic Display Ad with logo, headline, ad text and display and FINAL URL that Adwords will automatically format to all the different possible ad sizes or do I have to create each ad size manually?


In Dynamic Ads it appears to select the ad size that is most appropriate for the site being displayed on but those look like they are for dynamically inserting actual products into the ad and I have no products to sell, just a service.


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Re: Creating One Display Ad That Automatically Resizes and Formats?

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You sure can! Just go into the ad group that you want to create the ad in, click the red "+ ad" button and choose image ad. Your default options will be responsive - which means they will automatically resize. Just don't forget to preview and update all sizes before launching them because they'll likely all need to be edited for the best aesthetics. If you want to add the ad unit to multiple ad groups, you can download it to editor and copy/paste.

Hope this helps!