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Counting Clicks

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My google ad links directly to my amazon product page.  In my google link I put my amazon associate tag and thus I would get a click count at amazon everytime I get a click count at google.  I have my amazon tag on non google ads and websites also thus my amazon click count should always be greater than the google count.  This has not been the case in fact the amazon count is almost 1/2 of the google daily count of clicks which makes me suspect that google somehow counts clicks twice or amazon doesn't count all of them.  I also noticed when looking in the dimensions settings of clicks that I have some remote geographical locations registering 2 clicks which seems strange.  Do you have any ideas as to what is going on?
If someone double clicks on the ad instead of single clicks, google doesn't count it as 2 clicks do they?


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September 2015

Re: Counting Clicks

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Hi Columbus Kitchen.


Clicks are not necessarily the same as visits, as a number of factors come into play.  Firstly, someone who clicks on your Ad may not allow the destination page to load fully (and record the visit) before clicking away, closing the window, etc.  It may also be that Amazon records visits as unique visitors rather than individual sights of the page.  Google may record two clicks on an Ad in certain circumstances and it's not uncommon for visitors who are comparison shopping to click Ads more than once during their research.  Actual "double-clicks" (the fast double click of a mouse) won't result in two clicks being recorded, but two clicks within a few minutes might be.


More info here on differences between Google and 3rd Party data



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Re: Counting Clicks

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Thanks Jon but Amazon does count visits and unique visitors. Yesterday for instance I had 31 clicks on google and 14 visits on amazon with 13 unique visitors. That would mean over 1/2 click but don't let the page load from amazon which is pretty disturbing. Could these be mobile clicks.
I know on my phone I am not patient enough to let it load many times,

Re: Counting Clicks

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Thanks for reaching out. To add to Jon's answer, we can't really explain how Amazon or any third party records clicks and visits. However, rest assured that you're only being charged for actual clicks from users.

Incidentally - if you have 4 sitelinks extensions and accrued a click on each of the sitelink extensions along with the ad, that may still be counted as 5 clicks. However, if these clicks happened within a short span of time (for example - within half an hour - which is the standard time of a session as counted in Google Analytics) - they could still be counted as part of the same visit. Please be advised though, if this activity is suspicious, we filter it out without charging you.

You can read up more on the difference between clicks and visits in Analytics here:

Though it may not be the exact same mechanism at Amazon, it should help you understand the reasons for the discrepancy you see. If you have any further concerns, please do contact support.

Mobiles - the behaviour of users and engagement on mobiles differs from industry to industry. I'm likely to order pizza from my phone, but maybe not buy a computer there as I'll need to do a lot of market research first. However, if you feel that you would like to exclude mobile users from seeing your ad while you make your website more mobile friendly (like lighter versions of the website so it loads faster etc.), you can do so by assigning a -100% bid adjustment for mobiles.

Hope this helps.