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Countdown Script Question

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Is it possible to use the countdown ad customizer and have it constantly update back to the same time left?


For example for something like a plumbing company and having a 1 hour countdown to call and save X% but have that countdown restart every hour without having to constantly create new ads.



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Re: Countdown Script Question

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Hi Matt A,


It is not possible in the interface with default options. Don't know if there can be a script for the same. 


Let me ping the script guru @Jon_Gritton  if he has to say anything on it?


Ratan Jha




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Re: Countdown Script Question

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Hi Matt, it may be possible to achieve what your want, but it will depend a lot upon how reliable the script running time is and whether it's even possible to use params inside the COUNTDOWN function.


What I'm thinking is that you set up Ads with a countdown line such as:


Hurry, offer ends in {=COUNTDOWN{param1}}


then you run a script each hour that replaces param1 with the appropriate destination time in the right format, e.g. "2015/03/01 13:00:00".


There are two potential problems here.  Firstly, I'm not sure AdWords will be able to parse that line correctly - it may throw an error because of the nested {} brackets.  Secondly, even if it does work, you'd have to fiddle with the script to ensure it runs at the right time (by actually setting and saving the schedule at the time of the hour you want it to run, e.g. hover your mouse over the save button and hit it when the time hits the hour), or, have the script adjust this time it sets to take into Account the actual time of running (it'd probably be a good idea to do both).


I've not tried this so I can't comment on whether it'll work.


Another option would be to have a set of Ads for each hour of the day, then run a script just once per day at midnight that changed all their params for that day.  Then use Automated Rules to pause/enable the Ad sets as appropriate.  This will help with the hourly issue (though it's still not guaranteed to run precisely on time) but may still have problems with the actual parsing of the code.



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