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Could you tell me how to make adwords better for ?

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Hello Everyone,

Nice to meet you! I am a new adwords operater for our company's website . But now I am facing the issue that how to operate Google Adwords better for our website.

There are tatolly seven series of products on our website:


Indoor Lighting: Home Lighting, Office Lighting.

Outdoor Lighting: Architectural Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Road Lighting.

Light Source: LED Light Sources, CFLFluorescent Lamp.

LED Indoor Lighting: LED Home Lighting, LED Commercial Lighting, LED Office Lighting.

LED Outdoor Lighting: LED Landscape Lighting, LED Decorative Lighting, LED Road Lighting.

Fire Emergency Lighting: Fire Emergency Light, Fire Emergency Sign Light, Other Emergency Lights.

Wall Switches & Sockets: Wall Switch & Socket (Classical Type), Wall Switch & Socket (Luxurious Type), Intelligent Control Switches.


It is OK for you to click the links above and investigate on our website to analyse it for us. Thanks for your cooperation at first!

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Re: Could you tell me how to make adwords better for

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Alexander, 

Welcome to the Community! We're happy to have you here. 


From your website you clearly have several different aspects to your business: business lighting, home lighting, etc. Depending on what it is that you want to promote with AdWords I'd recommend making these different categories into separate campaigns, and then making the component parts of these categories your ad groups. 


Once you have your structure right, it'll then be a case of writing convincing ad copy. Make sure you include some of the unique selling points of your business in your ads. 


Once you have your structure and your ads, your keywords are going to be crucial. Making sure you have relevant and specific keywords (usually 2/3 word phrases) will help your ad be seen by the right users. I'd try out the keyword tool to see what traffic you could expect. 


These are some first steps that might help, but does anyone else from the Community have any more advice for Alexander




Re: Could you tell me how to make adwords better for

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Hello Alys,


Thanks so much for your advice and assistance! I appreciate it very much.


Now I am trying to operate our Google Adwords account Canwelum step by step. And the keyword tool introduced by you is very helpful.


I hope I will be familiar with Google Adwords in the near future.


Kind Regards,