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Currently setting up YouTube ads for in-search and in-display, and was curious to know once I get the ads up and running - Is there a way to know how much of video somone watches once they click on an ad? 



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Re: Cost Per View

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Hi uptown,


I believe that you want to understand how many users actually viewed the complete video, paused it or stopped it etc... (Please correct me if I am wrong in understanding here.)


You might consider installing Google Analytics on your website and an advance method called Event Tracking which will record the video interactions on your website. By doing this, you can get an estimate of whether the video is being liked by online users or not.


You can find more details in below references:


Google Analytics installation Guide

Event Tracking

Google Analytics Help Forum


Hope that may be of some assistance to you!


Re: Cost Per View

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One thing you can do to get video data is use YouTube Insights:


If you're logged into an account that has a YouTube account with videos, you can click the "Try Insight Now" button and that will take you to a page that shows an overview of your video analytics.


If you want to see how much a video is watched by someone once they click play, select a current video from your account, then check out the "Audience Retention" section under the "Views Report".


There is a "Traffic Sources" area.  I wonder if you can see paid search traffic sources in this area.  Perhaps someone else has a definite answer to that question.


Hopefully this helps.

Re: Cost Per View

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Go to:


And check the following table:

Ad Format Viewer Experience Pricing Model