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Cost Per Click

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I have accommodation near a temple in Wales. The temple attracts 90,000 pilgrims a year. My adwords campaign focuses on the name of the temple which is the number one key word. This key word attracts 90% of all clicks. The CTR is 3.5% based on 4,500 impressions. My quality score is up and down like a YoYo. It is 3 at the moment. My cost per click varies between 3p and now 60 in just two days. Nobody at google can explain a solution. I have done every thing which includes the adds, the key words, and had a landing page specific to the key word. The key word is "Skand Vale". The quality score should be high but it isn't. Can any body help.


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Re: Cost Per Click

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Hi Winston,


Can you tell us what your "keyword Diagnostic" says?

You can find it on 

Keywords Tab -> Keyword -> Status


Under the status column, there is a little bubble next to each keyword. It should look somthing like this


Keyword: My Keyword

Showing ads right now?


 Quality score Learn more 


  • Expected clickthrough rate: Above average
  • Ad relevance: Above Average
  • Landing page experience: Above average

Ad Preview and Diagnosis



You should focus on getting Above Average on the following

Click Through - Write a compelling Ad that encourages more clicks

Ad relevance - Does the headline contain Keyword? Does the description accurately describe the headline? 

Landing Page Experience: Does your landing page deliver on what you advertised in your ad? Does your website comply with W3 standards and LandingPage guidelines? Did you landing page pass all validations on Google Webmaster Tools? Does your landing page tell the user who clicked your ad how you intend to use the users information? Did your company/landingpage get any negative reviews/comments or backlinks from bad websites (Black-Hat SEO)? Etc. 


All these factors attribute to your keyword quality score.

Tips on

Clickthrough Rate

Ad Relevance

Landing Page Experience


Also read my other post about keyword and Quality score tips:


Does that help?


Good Luck!


Re: Cost Per Click

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Hi Winston,


A Google search for "Skand Vale" turned up a few organic results, but no ads. Google suggested "Skanda Vale", so I searched on that, also. Similar but different organic results, again no ads. Are you using geo-targeting? That would be a reason for no ads to show to me.


With a QS of 3, it is likely that the expected click-through for the keyword is below average. That is gong to be very difficult to overcome. QS mostly translates to CTR--3.5% sounds good to me, but it might not be that good at Google for your industry by comparison, and that would lead to a low QS.


Same for your ad copy--relevance means mostly CTR. If the keyword/ad combination CTR is low, the QS remains low.


I would think a query of "Skand Vale" is a bit vague as to search intent. The keyword alone does not indicate whether I'm looking for a map of the area, articles on history, candy stores in the area, etc. I would try keywords like "Skand Vale lodging", "Skand Vale accomodations", anything that more specifically describes what you are selling. Also, run a search terms report on this keyword for opportunities for more clicks at a lower CPC.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Cost Per Click

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There are some really good ideas from the Community here Winston, I hope they've been helpful! 


With very niche industries or locations experimenting with your keywords can sometimes help find ones that will work. You might also like to try Google Trends just to see if there are any seasonal trends with your location that you could make the most of.


As has already been mentioned boosting that CTR will really help you out, so focussing on your ad text and the relevance of your keywords (Search Terms Report will help you here) could really help you out. 


Good luck!