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Copy/Duplicate Existing Adwords Campaign/AdGroup and BIDS

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Hi all


I have managed to figure out how to duplicate campaigns and ad groups using editor, we want to replicate our campaigns but have a cashback promotion that we would like to include in the advert for a few weeks.


I assumed that the best way to do this was to duplicate our campaigns/ad groups keeping all information the same and just pause the current campaign whilst the promotion is on.


My problem is that the bids that we set up in the current campaign (£75 per day - auto bid) have not copied across to the duplicate campaign and now I can't seem to successfully change this for the new campaign.


Any ideas??


Thanks Ally

Re: Copy/Duplicate Existing Adwords Campaign/AdGroup and BIDS

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Hi Ally, Could you explain why you duplicated your campaigns? It sounds like you did this for the purpose of running the promotional ad copy?? If this is the case, there is no need to duplicate campaigns. All you have to do is pause your current ads and then add the new promotional ad copy to your existing ad groups.