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Convert a "My Client Center" account back to a standard account

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A while back I converted my main AdWords account from standard account to a MCC account in order to work with several clients but the ads I ran there haven't been active in a while and I don't require the MCC account anymore.

I also have an AdMob account for which I would like to run mobile ads and Google has recently rolled out an update for the AdMob platform and will stop serving ads for users who are using the old AdMob platform, I tried upgrading my AdMob account but it gives me an error message: "We currently do not support linking to an AdWords account managed through AdWords My Client Center.".

I've looked for a way to "downgrade" my MCC account back to a standard account but haven't found one, I would really like to use my main account for this for ease of use.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Convert a "My Client Center" account back to a standard

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Hi Jeff,


This is not an error I've encountered before but I'm also not an AdMob user. Although this is new to me, MCC's and user account issues are not and I have a strange feeling that I may be able to help you out here. It will probably require a little bit of back and forth but I'm up for it if you are...


What this sounds like to me is a Google Accounts/Permissions issue. I think I may be able to get your AdWords account free so you can properly link to your AdMob account if the only thing stopping you is the MCC link, but that's about all I may be able to help with.


To Summarize:  I think what needs to happen is you need the email address/Google Account that you use in AdMob to be an admin of the AdWords account and that AdWords account needs the MCC link removed.


If this is not the situation, can you do your best to explain it without exposing actual email addresses?  You can use, to illustrate what we're dealing with.


Just so we can get a little insight can you check a couple of things?


First, let's talk permissions.  You have an MCC - when you login there and look at My Account > Account Access, you'll see listed the users with permissions for the MCC.  This could only be one email address, it could be many, we just need to know what's there (how many is helpful).    


Then, access the actual AdWords account you're speaking of via the dropdown menu and check the same place My Account > Account Access.  This will list users with access to the account and your MCC should be listed there.  Make note of other users/email addresses with access.


Let's get an idea of which emails we need where and exactly what you need done and we can move on from there.



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Re: Convert a "My Client Center" account back to a standard

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When I go into my the MCC account and look in My Account > Account Access only my email address shows up with administrative access, there were other users but I removed them when I was trying to figure out how to convert the account to a standard account.

Sorry for the late response, I just received a notification about your reply.