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Conversion Tracking Strange Error

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hi, I have 4 campaigns running in one account, the thank you page is same for all the campaigns, so i generated one conversion code and pasted it on the thank you page. The site is built on word press.


now just to double check, one code is good for all 4 campaigns since the thank you page is same & it should record the conversion for each campaign where the click is initiated?


Second the Google tag assistant shows that the code is working fine on thankyou page but i am not recording conversions in any campaign, and sometime it just update wrong numbers, like if i get 15 queries, i get the number of 2 conversions.


Can anybody advise what is missing?



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Re: Conversion Tracking Strange Error

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Google Employee

Hi there, 


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this!


In terms of your first query, yes, if you have conversion tracking code on your Thank You page this should track a conversion that came from a click on your AdWords ad (as long as the cookie lasts for that is). It's OK to use this across different campaigns if the Thank You page is the same.


What I'd recommend to try and troubleshoot this, would be to double check the entire code you have on each of your thank you pages against the code in your AdWords account itself. If there are any discrepancies between the code you see on your Conversions tab and the code on your pages, I'd adjust your code to match what is on your Conversions tab.


If the code is exactly the same, I'd then try a test conversion to test the code is working. I'd give it 24/48 hours, then check your account to see if this conversion had been recorded.


After that point if you're still having a problem, I'd contact AdWords support directly to ask them to take a look at this for you.


Hope this helps!



Re: Conversion Tracking Strange Error

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Hi tabish,


Conversions will only be recorded by AdWords if the user had clicked on your ad (within the last 30 days). If people arrive at the thank you page through a source other than AdWords, AdWords will not record a conversion.


You received 15 queries and recorded 2 conversions indicates 13 of those queries came fro a different source.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Conversion Tracking Strange Error

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Thanks for the replies


The number are still not matching at all, if its 1 or 2 conversion from some other sources which is not being recorded by adwords, it make sense but not 10-12 conversions not recorded by cookie. everything seems to work fine, on conversion page it shows reporting, the thankyou page also shows the status of reporting, but the numbers are not coming up fine