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Change of job - retain account

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Hi, I am about to change jobs and want to keep my Google Account as it has my qualifications attached to it.


What is the best practice to do so. I don't want to remove anything till I know it is fine to do so. Also should I create a new account straight away when i get my new works email address or add it to my exisitng one.


Any advice would be great.





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Hi Colin,   The Google Account you mentioned.  Is this ti...

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Hi Colin,


The Google Account you mentioned.  Is this tied to numerous business accounts & applications?  In other words, is it a personal account for you while you are working or is it a business-wide account used by many to access Google services?


I haven't explored the transfer of 'qualifications' (by qualifications I assume you're referring to Google certifications?) but I have a feeling those are tied to the email address that was used when taking the exams. 


If it's your email account and its not a dedicated business account, its all yours and all you have to do is disassociate your account with the business after you move on. 


If it is a business account that you do not 'own', you could have trouble...perhaps someone else can touch upon that topic for you.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Hi Tom,   The account is only used by me, but it is attac...

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Hi Tom,


The account is only used by me, but it is attached to my business email address. My company won't have a problem with me taking the account, obviously as long as it is not attached to the MCC or any of the analytics accounts etc.



Hi Colin,   Here's what you want to do. When you get your...

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Hi Colin,


Here's what you want to do. When you get your new email address from your new employer, log in to AdWords and invite that new address. Now log out completely from all Google services. Find the email and click on the invitation link. On the page that comes up answer "I already have an account". Yeah, counter-intuitive. If you select "I don't have an account" a new account will be created and you'll have to jump through some hoops to get that address disassociated from the new account.


Ok, now log out and log back in with the old email. Confirm the invitation acceptance and promotet he new email address to admin. Log out and log back in with the new address and remove the old address.


I'm really not certain whether your Google certification goes with your email address or with the account. I'd give AdWords support a call on that. Click on the "Contact AdWords" button above.


Best of Luck!



petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords