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Cannot Filter Out Tablet Devices!!!

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I have a campaign where the traffic for TABLETS simply doesn't convert.. I have data in analytics and adwords showing this.


My problem is that with the new Enhanced campaigns i cannot filter this traffic out.. there is no way of doing it, even the Google representative admitted this to me. His reason was "we have data that shows high levels of conversions from Tablets" This is a bit of a strange comment.. This would depend on the design of the site and how its been coded. If it doesn't support tablet browsers for what ever reason it isn't going to convert!


We have all been forced into using "Enhanced" campaigns... but frankly I'm not very impressed so far, there has been a lot of money wasted on devices which don't convert and we have no way of filtering these out!


Come on.. sort it out Google, give us the flexibility you promised!


Im not very happy as you can see.



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Re: Cannot Filter Out Tablet Devices!!!

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Hi Andy, welcome to the Community.  As you're probably aware, you're not alone in being disappointed at not being able to filter out tablets but I would just ask you to consider the following before you being your rampage through the streets...


1)  Tablet use - especially for online sales - is generally increasing, and rapidly.  I agree with you that there's no way anyone - not even Google - can say it's so for all businesses, but for most businesses tablets are becoming an important channel and will only become more so as the weeks and months go by.


2)  Although you may see no direct conversions from tablets, in many cases tablets create assisted conversions so you need to look a little deeper than the top-level statistics and look at instances where tablets were either the first click or view-through conversions.  This makes a lot of sense as it's easy to understand that people might browse for products while not sat at their main machine for some reason, but not make an actual purchase until they're at another machine.  The big problem with this is that Conversion Tracking works on cookies so there's no simple way to prove that the first click or view came from the tablet.


3)  If you're not converting tablet clicks it may be your website or processes.  I'm in constant dismay at the number of sites I visit on my Nexus 7 which simply don't work on a tablet.  I was trying to book a hotel the other day and I visited half-a-dozen sites before I found one that would let me use their online booking engine, then that one fell over when it came to actually booking.  As with all advertising, all it can do is deliver potential customers to your door, what happens after that is up to you.


Of course, there are some businesses where there is a good and solid reason why tablets won't convert; the classic recent case we saw here was where the conversion was the digital download of PC software but in all other forms of ecommerce - hotels, buying physical items, etc. there's really no good reason why tablets shouldn't convert and I see this in most of my client Accounts.  Their rates do vary (and interestingly, they vary from state to state in the US) and yes, I do wish I had control over their bids, but they're not a total wash-out, especially when you factor in the "lost" conversions from first clicks/views that can't be linked.


Can you give us some more details of your business and/or your own reasoning for why tablets aren't converting?



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Re: Cannot Filter Out Tablet Devices!!!

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Jon covered all aspects of tablets filtering.  If you run a search on the community, you'll find dozens of complaints; Smiley Surprised

I  personally believe  that  in the next round , Google will add this option; (and may others are probably on the list - though I don't have any specific knowledge).

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Re: Cannot Filter Out Tablet Devices!!!

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This inability to filter tablets will in fact hurt our business, which is downloadable software for desktop use!  Google, why is this such a difficult thing to filter out?


Please reconsider this move.  I've had many conversations with your reps at trade shows and they are at lost as to why this filter isn't and couldn't be available.