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Can you Roll up Keyword Level data to Get "Search Impression Share" by Campaign?

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Hello Adwords Community. 


This question is in regards to if I can pull detail level data at the campaign, adgroup, keyword, device,etc level and be able to roll up the data by Campaign to match back to the Search Impression Share by Campaign rollup data. 



I leverage the Adwords API to pull the Keyword Performance Report  which includes: 

  • Metrics: Impressions & Search Impression Share
  • Attributes: Date, Campaign, Campaign State, AdGroup, AdGroup State, Account, Client Name, Network, Network (with search partners), Device, Keyword, Final URL, Match Type, etc.. 


To roll up the data at the "Campaign Level", traditionally we would also need "Total Eligible Impressions" so we can take


Since the Adwords API doesn't provide the "Total Eligible Impressions" as a metric, we can back-end to "Total Eligible Impressions" by doing the following:

  • Impressions / Search Impression Share = " Calculated Total Eligible Impressions" at each record level


When I roll up the data at the "Campaign" level, I can create another calculated field to come up with the Calculated Search Impression Share 

  • SUM(Impressions) / SUM(Calculated Total Eligible Impressions) = Calculated Search Impression Share. 

The caveat with this is that the Roll Up on Campaign via getting "Search Impression Share" at the very detail granularity doesn't match if I just pull the "Impression Share" just at the Campaign granularity in the User Interface. 



This leads me to believe is that if you are pulling the data at the keyword, adgroup, campaign, etc. level of detail, you can't expect to roll up the data at the Campaign level and match the User Interface at the Campaign level. 


Ultimately, I'd hope that I can just pull keyword detail information and roll up all metrics like cost, impressions, impression share in 1 data pull versus having to rely on multiple data pulls to roll up 1 metric a certain way.


Let me know your thoughts on if my assumption is true that you can't roll up detail information to re-calculate "Impression Share" and match the higher level aggregate pull at the Campaign level? 



Eric Ramos 






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Re: Can you Roll up Keyword Level data to Get "Search Impression Share" by Campaign?

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Hi @Eric R did you find a solution to this?  If you're still searching, you could try posting in the Scripts Group:!forum/adwords-scripts


There's a lot more folks there who are up to speed with the API and its quirks.



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Can you Roll up Keyword Level data to Get "Search Impression Share" by Campaign?

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Hello @Jon_Gritton. There is still no solution yet and I would encourage others who see this to post to share their perspective on this.