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Can I get Adsense to provide pre-roll ads on MY OWN server?

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I hope this is in the right forum, on the right website: Here goes.


My internet news show, The Truth Is Viral, is literally EXPLODING in popularity. In the past 30 days it has been seen over 100,000 times and I have gained nearly 600 new subscribers. I would like to move the show to my own servers so that I don't have to pay Google 70% of all of the the ad revenue it generates.


Does Adwords, or Adsense, provide pre, mid, and post-roll video advertising on non-Google servers? If it doesn't can anyone do me a solid and point me to a company that does provide such advertising for independent websites?

Thanks so much for your kind attention, and God bless,


Bob Powell


The Truth Is Viral

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Re: Can I get Adsense to provide pre-roll ads on MY OWN server?

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I believe you can do pre, mid, and post roll vide advertising through Google's Double Click for Publishers (DFP) platform. You will be able to host the videos on your own server and CMS.  From what I've seen Double Click offers a huge amount of options for video advertising. Google does own YouTube afterall Smiley Happy


The plus of going to Double Click for most Adsense users would be familiarity with Google's 'style' of doing things. 


Good Luck!

Mark Jensen

Re: Can I get Adsense to provide pre-roll ads on MY OWN server?

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Hi Bob,


As far as I know, pre, mid, and post-roll video ads will only appear on YouTube videos.


This is the AdWords forum. You might have better luck on the AdSense forum.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords