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Campaing competition on MCC

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I have 8 different clients with each a different billing. Since they are all from the same franchise. They sell the exact same products but on different areas of the same city. The ads and the whole campaing will be the same since the francise demands specific branding.

Would those campaings overlap? I imagine that my ads would be competing with each other and even worse that I could get some type of penalty because the ads are duplicatad.

Will I have some problems with this strategy?  For now I'm doing all of them in a single campaing in my own account, but this renders some problems with tributations and such. 

There's another way of doing it?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Camping competition on MCC

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Hi Kaue L,

Do all 8 clients use the same website? You say they are all the same franchise. Do you mean the are all separate franchises of the same national company, or do all 8 clients work for the same franchise?

If they are all advertising the same web site, I'd set them all up in a single account to avoid the double-serving policy. If all clients work for the same franchise, I'd probably still do the same, for the same reason. Organized this way, the campaigns could compete, and only one ad will show on a single SERP. It would need to be a very large city for geo-targeting, and on non-mobile devices geo-location is not very accurate.

If they are separate business entities and each has their own web site, you could create an account for each. In this case, the campaigns will compete and more than one ad can appear on a single SERP. If you organize your accounts this way, you may not wish to make every ad the same, maybe include location in the copy.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Camping competition on MCC

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Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply

Yeah they all use the same website. But the website is a e-commerce for their products in wich the costumer will choose it's address before doing anything else so the order are directed to one of the stores. We run the website for them. For now I've tried using geoloc but as you said it wont work well for non-mobile ads.

Thanls for your insight, I'll see what we can do here since it looks that spliting the campaign will be very bad! Thanks!