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Campaign Set-up with Creative Optimization

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I've got a question about setting up this campaign (not sure though if this can be done via remarketing?):


Bidding type: vCPM


10 affinity audience groups were selected based on brand relevancy, each group to be exposed to 6 different messages

All messages are to serve equal number of impressions and each unique user can only be exposed to one message

Frequency cap at 7 times a week

Banner sizes are 300 x 250 and 728 x 90

Every message has 3 different landing pages - to be allocated equally as well


Metrics to be considered:

CTR per message

Conversion rate per message

CTR per each button on landing page

Time spent on the landing page per message

CTR and time spent on video

Engagement rate


This is our first time to encounter such kind of campaign brief, hoping you can help to enlighten me on how we can set this up and which optimization settings should we consider to make the campaign successful.


Thank you so much!




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Re: Campaign Set-up with Creative Optimization

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Hi Celine,

Are you asking if this can be done or asking if us to review your plan?

#1 You cannot have AdWords to only allow visitors to view a single ad message while also placing the settings on even distribution.
#2 How are you dividing the landing pages? You can use Google Content Experiments or a 3rd party tool for this.
#3 Why CPM bidding? Is this a branding campaign or a performance campaign?
#4 Based on your answer to #3 it changes the metrics you want to pay attention to. If it's just performance don't complicate it too much and simply focus on conv. rate and cost-per-conversion. If it's branding pay more attention to CTR, Time on Page, Bounce vs Exit Rate, etc.

Hope this helps!
Joshua, Top Contributor
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