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Call extensions

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I dont understand how Call extensions are billed.


When I view the total cost of my ads or my keywords I see the same amount thats been billed for 'clicks' displayed. This seems to be the same value ( ie, I dont have to add the two values together ( ads + keywords ) to reconcile my google charges ) , therefore it is a single charge whichever way you look at at it.  But when I look at the cost costs for call extensions I find a different amount displayed. This appears to be an additional it ?


Where do I look to see the total amount charged by Google for a single campaign, regardless of whether it relates to ads/keywords, or call extensions ?


In the meantime I have deleted my call extension numbers as it seems these are costing me a fortune for no benefit.

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Re: Call extensions

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Hi and welcome to the Community.


Whether Call extensions cost you anything extra depends upon a couple of factors; whether you're running an Enhanced Campaign or a Legacy Campaign and whether you're using your own number or a Google Forwarding number.


If you're running an Enhanced Campaign, or if you're using your own phone number, then calls are free.  The figure you see in the "Call Extensions" tab is simply the cost of clicks on Ads that displayed your phone number so, if you spent £100 in a day, and the Call Extensions displays a spend of £70, your daily spend is still just £100, it just means that for about 70% of the Ads shown, your phone number was also shown.


If you're running a Legacy Campaign and using a Google Forwarding number then there were additional charges (normally $1/£1 a call, I believe) so in this case these charges would be additional to your click charges for the Ads themselves.


More information about Call extensions with forwarding numbers



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