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Call extensions - does it show my number on desktop

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If i have an ad with a call extension, does it show my number or a number from google when the ad is shown on a desktop? I.e. if I type in that my click-to-call number is 07777777 will it show that number, or 020434324 from google which then sends the caller to my number?




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Re: Call extensions - does it show my number on desktop

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Hi Andre, it depends upon the setting you choose when creating the Call Extension.  If you choose to use a Google Forwarding Number, the number shown will be one generated by Google.  If you choose to display your own number, it will be the number you enter.


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Re: Call extensions - does it show my number on desktop

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In addition to Jon's excellent advice, I would like to address the question in your Subject, about when the call extension shows up on desktop or not.


1) Location related rule : If you're in the U.S., U.K., France, or Germany, you can use call extensions with Google forwarding phone numbers. Outside these countries, only your normal number can show up, as explained here : link


2) Network targeting related rule  : If you create a call extension for a Display Network Only campaign, the number will not show on desktops as explained here : link  ( scroll to Additional call extensions settings and features )


"  You can use call extensions for campaigns targeting the Display Network. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Call extensions targeting the Display Network will only show on high-end mobile phones, not on desktops, laptops, or tablets.These extensions do not support the use of Google forwarding numbers or the tracking of calls as conversions.  "

3) However if you choose the Search campaign , the call extension (selected phone number) will show up with normal text ads in any Ad positon ( unlike sitelinks which show up only in the top 3 Ad positions).


4) The call extensions showing up with the Ad on desktops also depend on scheduling, for example if you can take calls only 4 hours per day you can choose to display the phone number only in that time-frame.