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CPM placements ads not running in

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I am running CPM ads on Gmail with placements. I used keywords"facebook" ""


I set India currency  Rs: 700 per thousand CPM but my ads still not showing in


I only targeted female from 24 to 34 Age group only


Please suggested your valuable suggestions


how to run ads on gmail more efficiently .


This is My Customer ID:681-333-9065



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Re: CPM placements ads not running in

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What product/service are you advertising?

The reason I ask is because I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I would want to show an ad for for just those two keywords.

If you let us know what you provide we may be able to help you find more targeted keywords and placements.

I have a feeling that with those targets, if you did receive impressions and traffic you would burn through your budget without much to show for it.

I'm sure we can come up with a better strategy if you let us know what you provide.

Re: CPM placements ads not running in

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Re: CPM placements ads not running in

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1) Your bid is very high in my opinion it should trigger impressions.


These are the minimum bids in the payment options finder, the minimum for CPM is 10 and you say you have 700 :


2) Are you also using the placement,Top center , as instructed at the bottom of this page : link ?


3) Have you waited at least 24-48 hours to measure impressions ? If you just started this campaign today results will show up later with a delay.


4) About the aim, with CPM bidding I suppose you want many impressions to advertise another social platform for people who write to each other about facebook in gmail ? Am I right ?


5) Have you by any chance changed the default "Target and bid" to "Bid" ? This shows up under the Placements tab under the column "Target and settings". If you have selected Bid, the system no longer uses gmail placements as a target.