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CPC for mispellings and should mispellings be added to keyword bucket ?

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Hi Gurus,


If I turned on Keyword Matching Options to include misspellings, I am just wondering should I add misspellings into my keyword bucket.

For example :

Correct keyword
[accommodation] - $0.80 per click

where as I can include :
[acommodation] - $0.30 per click

When visitor search for acommodation, I just wonder what price I am paying for ?

Normally, what's the practice ? Add it to the bucket or leave it ?

Thanks ...

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Re: CPC for mispellings and should mispellings be added to keyword bucket ?

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Hello turftycoon,


If choose to enable advanced keyword matching options under the campaign settings, then you don't need to add the mis spellings, singulars, plurals and other close variants with this match type. Because as per the recent update last month, Adwords will automatically show your ad for those terms if it's enabled. See this from Google books:

"Exact match: With exact match, your ads can appear when someone searches for your exact keyword, without any other terms in the search. We'll also show your ad when someone searches for close variants of that specific keyword. Close variants include misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), abbreviations, and accents."


But here I must say that you need to really analyze your search terms and see if it's helpful or not. Are your getting real worth from it or not. Run this for good amount of time and then watch for your search terms. If it looks good, keep this enabled, otherwsie simply turn it off, if you want to manually focus on the terms yourself.


Hope this helps!


Re: CPC for mispellings and should mispellings be added to keyword bucket ?

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Hi turftycoon,


if you add the close variants as single keywords depends IMHO on your campagin setup and the format of your ads.


Take into consideration the following points:


  • If you use dynamic keyword insertion, the wrong spelled keyword may be inserted. So either do not add the misspelled keywords or put them in a seperate adgroup where no placeholders are used
  • As soon as you add the close variant keywords you should turn off "close-variants" feature, as Google may never pick your new wxact match keywords, cause they do not have that much good history as your other exact match keywords
  • Depending on how much clicks you get on  the close-variants an optimization might not be worth the effort. Sure you save 50 cent / click. But how many clicks you get? For two clicks a month I really would reconsider doing anything.

Personally I treat the close variants feature the same as I treat broad match. It only exists to get more impressions, then filter out the relevant keywords and include the new keywords. As soon as that is done I usually disable the broad match keywords (depending on wether I have CPA tracking or not)

Re: CPC for mispellings and should mispellings be added to keyword bucket ?

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Ok, so in terms of pricing, I still need to go through the entire cycle before I have a conclusion.


a) turn the feature on

b) check search term reports

c) add into keyword basket

d) turn it off


My ads for "accommodation" will not have automatic keyword insertion. I agree that the mispelling doesn't looks professional in the ads. By the way, if you look for mispelling / variant in popular words like this, the amount is pretty huge.


Thanks ...