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CPC ads

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Is there a way to get the cpc down if a certain amount of advertising is met? We would like to run a constant ad campaign but the cpc is just to high for it to be profitable for us.  Please advise.

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Re: CPC ads

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Set your budget and use standard ad delivery method. You can manually set CPC bids for keywords

Re: CPC ads

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Hi dapperjr, let's talk a bit about your Account...


When you're spending money on advertising, there should really only be two models.  1)  You spend on advertising and that spend creates income that exceeds, in net profit, your spend.  2)  You spend on advertising with the understanding that this spend is to generate brand awareness and that it may not generate any profit at all directly.


Your post makes it sound like your Account is somewhere between the two and that worries me.  Either you should be running a campaign at a profit, or you should be running it with a set budget to promote the business.  If you're saying that you want to run a campaign but it's too expensive, that suggests you need to think carefully about where and how you're spending your money.


Can you answer the following questions?


1.  Do you sell a product or service that has a defined value?

2.  Are you tracking the sales that come from AdWords advertising?

3.  If the sales from AdWords do not result in a Net profit, do you think there's anything that could be done to improve this?


For me, the answer to 3 always has to be yes.  I've yet to see an Account that could not be improved.  If you're not making a profit you should be looking at why you're not making a profit, rather than simply trying to reduce your CPC.  It might be that some relatively simple changes to your Account could see it return a good net Profit and this could be really good news for your business.



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