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If my CPA is set to 20$ and my Cost/Converted Click is 10$, to get more click/impressions do I raise the CPA by 200% to 40$?


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Hi Andres,

Talking about performance, I'd say you should raise your Daily Budget to cover more ground, and not you CPA. Actually, you would always want a LOWER CPA, not a higher one.

If you're focusing on Conversions as your campaign main metric, Clicks and Impressions should be secondaries. In this case you want to focus always on getting higher conversion rate and a low cost as possible.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click


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CPA bidding focuses on maximizing conversions, rather than clicks. You still pay per click, but AdWords automatically sets your bids to help you get more conversions. I think you should Use the Target CPA simulator to estimate how changes to your target CPA might affect your conversion volume.

If you want to rise you CPA bid .. It is not sure the impression/click would increase as your require goal..

But I can not understand why you want more click and impression in spite of conversions. ? If your business goal is click and impression you should use different kind of bid strategy Enable Enhanced CPC biding.


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