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Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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What I'm trying to do is ad labels to a large amount of keywords. I downloaded a large list of keywords from AdWords, and added a Labels column and the corresponding labels I would like added to each keyword. 


How do I bulk upload the Excel file I have with the Label additions? When I try uploading the file now, it processes and says there are 0 changes.


Please help!

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Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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Community Manager

Hi Taylor,


Typically for such issues, the file format is the culprit. In what format did you save your Excel file? Is it .csv or .xls? Make sure you save it as a .csv file as AdWords Editor doesn't import .xls files.


Also if you edit your file in Excel, we recommend saving the file with Unicode Text encoding.

  • Windows: Select Save As > Save as type > Unicode Text.
  • Mac: Select Save As > Format > UTF-16 Unicode Text. (You might see the file extension change from .csv to .txt, but AdWords Editor can still import the file.

Let me know if this doesn't resolve your issue.




Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

Google Employee
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Google Employee
Note that AdWords Editor doesn't deal with labels in any shape or form, imported via CSV or otherwise. It's of no help in this task. Taylor is probably talking about bulk upload via the online interface.

Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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Hi Taylor, do the Labels you want to use actually exist in AdWords?  Uploading won't create the Labels, you'll need to make sure all the Labels you're using have already been created (they only need to exist, you don't have to have actually applied them to anything).  


The easiest way to create multiple Labels is via the Labels interface within the AWFE - you'll find this towards the bottom of the left-hand menu. 



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Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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Jon, I saw your answer but it still doesn't work (label format is correct, label already exists). I tested using only one keyword, tried naming the header "Labels" and "Label", tried all supported file formats, but still it's not recognizing that column.

I am using the online AdWords MCC because I work with millions of keywords in multiple accounts, so manual edits or AdWords Editor are not an option (also, my latest client of AdWords editor forgets all the downloaded accounts each time I open it, so it's dead to me). Do you have any ideas? Have you done this before?

Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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Rising Star
Hi James,

As Igor explained, AdWords editor does not support the functionality of adding labels to your keywords or any element in your account. If you are trying to implement this using the Editor, I do not think you are going to make any progress.

While I understand that you may be dealing with a number of account and millions of keywords within those accounts, still, you do not have any other option other than trying to do this manually.

May I suggest, you do this one account at a time and make your way through all your other accounts slowly. While this may take time, you will at least have implemented the labels in your accounts.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Bulk Uploading A List of KWs with New Labels

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But I am not using the Editor, it is dead to me, I am using the online MCC,
with bulk uploads.


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