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Budget spent early (despite Standard delivery method)

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Hi all,

I am running a couple of Display campaigns with a budget around 100 dollars a day.

This is the 2nd day and I see the same pattern: over 80% of my daily budget has been spent by 9am!
I checked and double checked - yes, I have "standard delivery" on. It just looks as though Google has it behaving like the accelerated option.

Another thing about my campaigns is that I'm targeting pretty wide audiences (100-500k impressions a week are currently available with my segmentations).
I'm getting <10% on share of impressions.

Still, since I have the "standard delivery method" on, I should expect a more even distribution of my ads throughout the day, shouldn't I?

What should I do about this?

EDIT: I am using CPM bids and a frequency cap of 6 impressions per user.

Many thanks

Re: Budget spent early (despite Standard delivery method)

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You can try for CPC bids instead of CMP bids. I am sure it will be effective.

Re: Budget spent early (despite Standard delivery method)

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Figured this one out for myself. Standard delivery eventually caught on with my campaigns and now my ads are shown more or less evenly throughout the day, reflecting peaks of traffic during the times you'd expect to, but on a smaller scale - after all, the audiences I'm going for are very large and my budget will cover just a fraction of it.

I'm just surprised it took some 2-3 days for that even distribution to kick in.
In the meantime, what I did was lower my CPM bids - as it's the recommended course of action for "Limited by Budget" campaigns. I keep receiving those "Limited budget" and "losing clicks" alerts by Google, but I know my budget can only go so far.

As for CPC bids, thanks for the suggestion, but I guess it won't be the best thing for my campaigns right now. They are branding campaigns and I'm favouring exposure. CPM is recommended by Google in such situations and AdWords will even guide you towards that in their brand new Display Campaign Setup, when it asks you what your campaign objectives are.
Moreover, my audiences are too wide and I'm aware my Quality Score wouldn't be the best. So my logic is bidding per thousand impressions, because if Quality Score becomes a factor I'm guessing my CPC costs would be higher.

Anyways, results have been better. But if there are more suggestions, I'm all ears Smiley Happy