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Bounce rates at 60%

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Following up from a post in the old forum, I'm having serious trouble with bounce rates, which have gone up since I started tweaking ads from 50% to 60%.


What is your experience of bounce rates? How have you got them down and what is your average rate?


Actions so far: regroup ads by more specific ad groups. I now have more or less one ad group per ad in order to have keywords aligned with an ad.


I'm wondering now whether its about the quality of my landing pages which are basically items from my online store. Perhaps the text description is too short and users run away perhaps without really understanding what is on offer. Or price. Or the colour of my hair? Don't know. Any tips before I pull it out (my hair?)






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Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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Hello, markjl.


Well, for one I can tell you there are no benchmarks. Apart from one, and that is profit per conversion per cost per conversion. Other than that, anything goes.


If bounce rates went up since tweaking the ads, look at the ad and at the landing page. Now back at the ad, and back at the landing page. Sadly ... Smiley Happy (ok, enough of the famous Old Spice ad).


Something's not clicking between the two. They expect something from the ad, only to find out that the landing page does not live up to their expectation. If the bounce rate was lower with the old set of ads, see what the difference between the ads is.


One typical case I've found, and tested, was for the presence of the price in the ad. I thought the ad and the product was great. And CTR was fantastic, too. Conversion rate? Nothing to call home about. The hypothesis was price. A quick search on product comparison websites revealed we were not among the most pocket-friendly.


Confirmation came when the CTR of the ad which included the price was clearly lower than the more general ad, without a price. And I think (personal, possibly biased opinion) this is a must for E-commerce, and any significant CTR difference is a signal that the price is too high.


Is this your case?

Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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A +1 and a star to Calin, I couldn't agree more!


+Brad Geddes had a fantastic article echoing Calins words recently. 


"A price in an ad copy reminds the searcher they need to spend money. Often removing the price can help CTRs. It is also useful when you’re not the cheapest ad on the page."


Great minds do think alike! Smiley Happy




Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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Excellent insight there, Calin.


Markjl, I'm just wondering what is the next result of the change in ads? I mean I know you talk about bounce rate, but what of conversion rate and AOV?


Just to get an idea of the bigger picture.


And whilst there isn't an industry average bounce rate as such because it is purely dependant on your site, offering and page type (contact us page vs. product page for example), you should actually be comparing the boucne rate to other product pages on your site perhaps?


Also, what volume of visitors are we talking about here? Because if you have 10 visitors, a bounce rate can go from 50% to 60% by just 1 extra visitors bouncing, from 5 to 6 out of ten. Do you see what I mean?


I'm trying to understand the context or the reported problem.



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Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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As Jack - and others before me and him said, including great minds such as Brad Geddes and Thomas Hale jr. Smiley Happy - segmentation and context are the keys to understanding what happens there. And you can look not just at other ads, but at any source/medium landing on that page. What's the organic bounce rate, what's the referral one, which links are referring the page, or which organic searches, etc.


Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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Thanks everyone. OK lets see:


So I have to look at my CTR (clicks divided by impressions) to see if that changed.

I need to look at AOV but I don't know what that is.

I need to wonder about the organic and referall bounce rates and find out where the links in were coming from.

Not sure what the conversion rate is.


Prices are on my ads. In general I'm around the same price as the rest of the market but I guess that varies. I assumed that if price was on the ad that the CTR would be affected not the bounce rate since if the price was too high they just wouldn't click.


I changed the campaign name so we're looking at 250 visits but for the previous one I had around 2000 visits for the period. However, when I compare campaign against campagin in analytics the new campaign including changes is at 57% BR. Some ad groups within the campaign perform better than others. That's normal but I can't understand why.


I will have to work on landing page text also. What else?

Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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Hi markj, you've already had some advice about your Ads but personally I'd be looking first at your organic visit bounce rates.  If they are similar (anywhere near 50-60%) then I'd take that as an indication that the problem probably lies with the site itself, not necessarily anythhing that can be solved by altering ad text, etc.  For example, if your site is very slow to load, causing a lot of bounces, then no amount of changes to your ad campaigns will help that (within reason).


So, my questions to you would be...


1)  What is your bounce rate for organic search results and/or referrals?

2)  Has this changed over time (especially did it change at the same time you made any other changes)


Just to answer a couple of your other points, AOV would be "Average Order Value", and the conversion rate would be the ratio of visits to orders, e.g. if you get 1 order for every 10 visits, that's a conversion rate of 10%.



Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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Test different landing pages.  Think carefully about how you do this and how meaningful bounce rate is.  For instance, quickest way to reduce your bounce rate would be to have a landing page say "Click here for more info" and how useful would that be?  ;-)

Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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I looked at organic and paid keyword reports by landing page in Analytics which was interesting as they show the bounce rates by keyword and landing page. The organic one is quite different from paid. Seems obvious with hindsight but the latter shows keywords I use in adwords, whereas the former shows terms used by punters which result in them coming to my site. Very useful and I transferred some of these keywords into the appropriate ad groups.

Re: Bounce rates at 60%

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RBall wrote:

For instance, quickest way to reduce your bounce rate would be to have a landing page say "Click here for more info" and how useful would that be?  ;-)

Well I notticed that there were 'generic' landing pages (as opposed to product pages) with high bounce rates. Links to products or other sections of the site from these pages should be useful no?

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