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Bidding on Product Listing Ads

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Is there a way to change the bidding on specific products in a product feed?

I have a client that has varying ROI on their products. So it would make sense to bid lower on the lower ROI products.

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September 2015

Re: Bidding on Product Listing Ads

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Hi Matt,


What you can do is apply filters to the product feed in AdGroups of the PLA campaign. You can apply filters using adwords_label, adwords_group, or category. I use the label. You can have multiple labels for each product.


Assign identifiers to the adwords_label field. Something like cheap, not so cheap, medium, high, extra high. Then set the filter to include only those items within the ad group. You can then set the default bid at the appropriate level.


You'll need to look at all the products and determine which group is appropriate. You might want to assign labels as a price range. That's all up to you.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Bidding on Product Listing Ads

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Thank you, your answer definitely lead me to the answer. When you "add a product target" you can set "id, product type, brand, condition adwords labels, adwords grouping" then going back to the feed and adding some sort of label will make this possible.


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