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Bid simulator date range

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I would like to take advantage of the bid simulator for some of my campaigns, but I'm finding that the data I am being given is too old to be useful. Also, it feels like I'm being given inconsistent information from one keyword to another. For instance these are two keywords in the same adgroup that I looked at today (August 17).


Keyword 1:

"Simulation based on performance from Aug 5, 2012 to Aug 11, 2012"


Keyword 2:

Simulation based on performance from Aug 9, 2012 to Aug 15, 2012


My competitors seems to change their bids often enough that estimates generated from data 7 days old is not very helpful. Plus I don't get why I'm not seeing the same data range for both keywords. They both get impressions and clicks on a daily basis. Is there a better way for me to be adjusting my bids or are the Google estimates always going to be limited in this way?

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Re: Bid simulator date range

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Hello fnippy;

You need to keep in mind that he bid simulator as well as the traffic estimator are statistical tools with an intrinsic error integrated / "built-in" into their calculations. If there is a fluctuation in bids among your competitors, this tool- as you already noticed - is not much helpful.


  • Remember, the bid simulator can provide insight into how your bids could've affected ad performance over the last seven days, but it doesn't attempt to predict future performance.



Statistically, it is hard to analyze and conclude on future performances, when data behavior is not coherent. We are moving into the "tough" field of "random analysis"


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Re: Bid simulator date range

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Hi Fnippy,


Speaking of keywords and how to adjust bids on them, I would be more interested in looking at keyword performance values in the interface. Apply multiple Keyword text and Match type filters if need be so you only see the particular keyword(s) of the ad group that you're interested in. Next I would apply a daily segmentation and study how my daily bid changes affected various performance metrics. (If you can't recall your daily bids select and study the Change history option under the Tools and Analysis tab in the upper green strip.)