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Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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I would like to use Adwords Display to target single people who also like chess.


I will obviously use gender, age and location.


What are the best targeting options for me to use to reach single people who like chess?


Display keywords: singles, dating, online dating, chess

Affinity Audiences

In Market Audiences


Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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Hi Eric,

I'd suggest layering your targeting. For instance:

  • There are display topics for both dating and people who like chess. You could test an ad group targeting both of those topics.
  • You could also test an ad group with 'dating' as a topic and contextually target 'chess' keywords in the same ad group.
  • Likewise, you could test an ad group with 'chess' as a topic and contextually target terms about dating.
  • You could also try plain contextual, but keep in mind that keywords would need to contain both subjects or you may just be matched to one *or* the other.
  • You could potentially create your own custom affinity audience. I'm not sure if there are any that would be a good fit, off of the top of my head. Likewise with the above bullets, you could mix and match your custom affinity targeting along with contextual and topic targeting.
  • You could also seek out specific placements to see if there are any sites that are likely to be visited by your target audience, using the Google Display Planner. 

There's only one topic that specifically mentions 'chess' but there are a few others that might be worth exploring. There are several different dating topics that you could use.


I like to create several different ad groups with different targeting to see what works. You can always optimize and/or pause the other ad groups as you find out what works.  


Good luck!

Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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Thank you very much for detailed reply.

Do you think it is better to use Interests targeting or topics?
In the interests targeting is it better to use Affinity or In Market?

Lets say i end up with the following set up:

Keywords: a, b, c
Interests: 1, 2, 3
Topics: x, y, z

How above 9 items are being combined to find placements? Is it AND or OR in each category and AND or OR between categories?

I tried Display Planner and it gave me over 20 Ad Groups. But unfortunately i do not have budget to test all of them. What is the best approach to utilize Display Planner?

Thank you again.

Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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When it comes to topics/audiences/interests - I like to use all of them. I separate them into different ad groups but you can group similar ones together. For instance, you could group some of the 'dating' topics could be grouped together in the same ad group, which might make more room to test additional interests. Same with placements, I would start by grouping the placements together in similar groups. If one really out performs the others, you could separate it out into its own ad group.

As far as using the display planner, I'd suggest going through the output and removing any placements that don't seem like a good fit (sometimes some of the ideas a re just a little too broad). If there are still too many, I'd suggest maybe tabling some to test in the future. You really never know which placements will work - so try not to be *too* selective.

Since you are targeting such a unique niche, I would probably layer contextual targeting on top of any of your placements/interests/topics.

Also, if you don't want to show on mobile you should go ahead and add as a placement exclusion.

Hope this helps!

Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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Thank you

I got a question regarding

If i put this as a placement exclusion will that eliminate both mobile phones and tablets?

Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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Hi Eric,

It will exclude in-app placements on tablet but it won't exclude all tablet traffic. Tablet users can still see the ads as they browse the internet on their tablet, just not while they are in the middle of using an app (like playing a game, etc).


Re: Best targeting options for Adwords Display

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Hi Amy,

I selected several criteria in my Display settings, left Topics blank and I was getting
Weekly available impressions Display Network 10M - 15M Impressions

I then went to Topics and selected Online Communities › Dating & Personals
As soon as i did that i got
Weekly available impressions Display Network 20M - 25M Impressions

I expected that after i selected Dating and personals available impressions would go down not up. What am i missing?