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Automating Ads Rule/Script

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Re: Automating Ads Rule/Script

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Hi Andrew,

If I understand this correctly, you have 2 adgroups for 2 different sets of ads but the same keywords and at any given point in time you need 1 set of ads to remain live and the other paused.

If this is correct and if I understand your requirement right, heres what I would do:
Keep only 1 set of keywords - having duplicate keywords in the account and pausing them frequently hampers the performance of the keyword & the account overall
have 2 sets of ads in the same adgroup and add labels to them ad X and Y. Then you can go on and pause the X ads and keep the Y ads live. and when you filter by Y ads and pause them, filter by X and make them live. This is a 2 step process.
To review performance then you can simply filter for the ad X & Y. You will also be able to identify when the ads were live by seeing the graph that gets generated on the top.

If you still want to follow you idea, I dont think it is possible through rules - ou can label your ads then then use scripts..
Here's a code that I just wrote out for you:

var adSelector ="LabelNames CONTAINS_ANY ['X']");

var adIterator = adSelector.get();
while (adIterator.hasNext()) {
var ad =;

var adSelectorY ="LabelNames CONTAINS_ANY ['Y']");
var adIteratorY = adSelectorY.get();
while (adIteratorY.hasNext()) {
var adY =;


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