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Automatic Bidding Results

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Hello Adwords Community!


I have a scenario that I would appreciate input on:


For years, the campaign was under automatic bidding and the important keywords maintained a good position of 1-3. That soon changed and position dropped. Can someone explain what could have caused this?



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Re: Automatic Bidding Results

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Hello JaqWhite,


Thanks for asking.


I'm an old school ppc'er, so I'd suggest you take the reigns manually and do manual CPC bidding :-)


I've never actually used automatic bidding myself as I've always done closely managed manual bids. However in theory I know a few things which can affect ad position in general, regardless of the ad bidding mechanism you use to get there.


Some things which could have caused this:

  1. Increase in competitor activity outwith your set paramaters
  2. A drop in your quality score. If you don't manage your ads all that often, it's possible that your keywords are declining in quality score (for example, if you don't fix a low CTR ad, over time it will affect your quality score, which in turn lowers your ad rank and ultimately, your average position)

But I am speculating of course! If you could give me more details I can help more. Some questions for you:

  1. What match types are you using?
  2. What time frames are you talking about here? i.e. when was it good, when did you notice it was bad
  3. Have you done anything about it yet or were you waiting to get feedback here?
  4. What has the average position dropped to in general? 4th? (no real concern), 10th? (concern)

Hope to hear back so that we can resolve this for you.

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+

Re: Automatic Bidding Results

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Hello Jack!


Since Day 1, I've been using phrase match. I noticed a change in ad position with automatic bidding (drop below 3 for important keywords) and so I switched to manual bidding in order to keep my position. It is getting costly. Almost all of my keywords have gained a 10/10 quality score since I've changed to manual. The business is seasonal... maybe the drop could have to do with less impressions and clicks? I thought my CTR was dropping because my ad position was dropping, but maybe I wasn't editing ads enough?