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Automated rules reporting on incorrect date range?

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Hi all,


I'm hoping that someone can please help me with this. I don't know if I am missing something or if I have set my rule up incorrectly. I want an email to prompt me to look at keywords where the cost per conversion exceeds £30 - based on the previous week of data. I get the same results on email as I do when I preview the rule and although I have selected 'data from last week' the keywords reporting are not showing a cost per conversion greater than £30 when I look manually??


Weekly on Monday at 07 (GMT+00:00) London

using data from Last week (Mon - Sun)

Send email for keywords
Requirements: Cost / conv. > 30.00
All enabled keywords



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Re: Automated rules reporting on incorrect date range?

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Hi HelsBells,


Obviously it's difficult to diagnose this remotely, but I'm wondering if this problem is related to your conversion window and the various time delays AdWords has in reporting conversion data.  See the following:


If you expand the "Tips and Guidelines.." section, right down the bottom the help does say:

"If you create any rules based on conversions, we recommend that you use longer "using data from" time ranges to properly capture your conversions."


It's possible that the data being used by Automated Rules is not as up-to-date as the data being shown in the interface.  How far out are the figures?  Are any correct?  How many conversions per day does each Keyword typically receive?



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Re: Automated rules reporting on incorrect date range?

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Hi HelsBells,

When you set it up did you manually select any keywords? If so, I'm wondering if that might be a contributing factor. I see that it says "All enabled keywords", so this shouldn't be the case but just checking.

Also, how many times has this rule ran? Has it been a few weeks? Just curious if there's any way that it may have ran multiple times using the same date range (last week). When you look at the data, do you look at the same date range (Last Mon-Sun) without including this week?

Like John said, it's hard to diagnose remotely, so I apologize if any of my questions seem redundant. Hopefully we can help you determine the culprit.